LCA positively influence, accelerate and bring about the protection of biodiversity, focussing on rainforests and selected ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa.

Leadership for Conservation in Africa

The Leadership for Conservation in Africa (LCA) uses a business approach to initiate conservation-led socio-economic development in Africa. Our vision is to positively influence, accelerate and bring about the protection of rainforests and selected ecosystems in Sub-Saharan Africa


We focus on four key impact areas:

Protection of Nature through Private

In line with the LCA Vision, we work in close collaboration with governments and various conservation organisations to influence, accelerate and bring about the protection and development of selected parks and reserves in Africa. Conservation commerce is a particular niche-area of the LCA

Rejuvenating through ShareScreen

ShareScreen Africa is a digital initiative launched in August 2021 by the LCA. Academics, researchers, conservation specialists and practitioners, from all over the world, are requested to freely “donate their time” to share their knowledge with others within the African context.

Enriching Country Curricula through

In collaboration with the Sabine Plattner African Charities (SPAC), we are piloting curricula-enrichment programs in six Africa countries. By seeking a natural fit within the existing curriculum, Afro-centric nature conservation content is developed, evaluated, tested and re-tested within the local schools, in collaboration with the Department of Education.

Supporting Community Conservation through

In collaboration with the PAMS Foundation, has developed a pioneering platform to ensure that those people who stay in or around protected areas become the true conservationists, protecting their own natural assets and heritage. Through, even the smallest of donors could contribute to community-based nature conservation projects.

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With your help the LCA Live Unlocking Nature Events can continue to offer a platform for orginisations and individuals to share their stories, engage with audiences and create awareness.  

Have You Heard About Unlocking Nature?

In 2020, the Leadership for Conservation in Africa created a community of digital audiences to help ‘unlock nature’. Presented as a live weekly event, Unlocking Nature allows conservationists and conservation companies to share their stories, research, and adventures with audiences across the globe – from the comfort of their homes. Unlocking Nature has hosted over 90 speakers, allowing audiences to learn from an interact with these specialists. Anyone is welcome to join and all talks are also available for viewing online.