2016 Ends on a High for the Odzala Team

The LCA’s flagship project, Odzala Discovery Camps, ended 2016 with a number of great transitions and developments, putting this magnificent destination even higher on your must-see list.
Hidden in the remote north-west of the Congo, Odzala consists of three camps. Nganga Camp is located in the Ndzehi Forest on the western boundary of Odzala-Kokoua National Park while Mboko Camp and Lango Camp are both located inside the park. All offer a one-of-a-kind luxury travel experience like none other in Africa.
In November Odzala took to the skies with the launch of a direct flight between Brazzaville and the camps. The swift 1h45 flight in a twin-turbine LET 410 aircraft makes Odzala even more accessible and your Congo adventure is now more possible than ever.
During the year a number of changes also ensured the camps’ footprint on the sensitive eco-system of the Congo Basin became even lighter. Lango Camp transitioned into a much smaller, more focused operation while all three Odzala camps received upgrades to their solar electricity generating system.
The Odzala team also welcomed a number of new members in 2016 and developed a new menu for their lodges, using more local tastes and ingredients.
To book your luxury Odzala trip in 2017, contact the marketing team for information: [email protected]

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