What We Do

EduConservation: Congo, Morocco and Senegal (pilot)

A pilot project is in place to take the first steps in implementing the vision of the philanthropist Sabine Plattner to integrate the subject “conservation” to form part of the curriculum of public schools in Africa

Spark Talks

In 2018 the LCA launched Spark Talks, setting the stage for conservation-centred dialogue to spark a passion for nature all over the world.

Republic of Congo: Odzala Kokoua National Park

Odzala is the flagship project of the LCA. The LCA, in collaboration with the Sabine Platter African Charities, has significantly influenced the long-term protection of this 1.3 million hectares pristine rain forests.

Republic of Congo: Nouabalé Ndoki National Park

In collaboration with WCS, the LCA influenced bringing about a Foundation (PPP) which strategically manages the Park also focusing on a destination tourism marketing strategy.

Senegal: Niokolo Koba National Park

Permission was granted by H.E. President Macky SALL to the LCA to investigate ways to manage Niokolo Koba as a PPP and to find ways to commercialise park activities.

South Africa: Kruger National Park

Due to the generosity of Mr Howard G. Buffet (member of the LCA Board) and his drive to reduce human suffering in Africa, often funded by the proceeds of wildlife crime, a donation of US$ 55 mil was made to SANParks for anti-Rhino poaching in Kruger.

Uganda – Friend a Gorilla

In collaboration with Thompsons Travel and under the leadership of the late Mr Moses Mapesa, former CEO of UWA and member of the LCA Board, the LCA was actively involved in initiating, initial funding and bringing about the “friend-a-gorilla” campaign.


The LCA has high regard for the work of the PAMS Foundation and contributes in a small way to the mammoth role PAMS play in anti-poaching, by supporting their community environmental education programmes.

Central African Republic - Dzanga Sangha Reserve

This Park forms part of the World Heritage Tri-Nation de la Sanga (TNS). The LCA has signed an agreement with the Ministries of Forestry and Tourism to work towards a PPP in managing the park.

Central African Republic - Sangha Lodge

The LCA works in close collaboration with Rod and Tamar Cassidy, concession holders of the Sangha Lodge, with the aim to bring about regional tourism in support of conservation in this area.


Working in collaboration with the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority (EWCA), the LCA is assisting in the search for the development of tourism activities, specifically with regard to high-end tourism.

Ghana: Shai Hills Reserve

In collaboration with the Forestry Commission and Gold Fields, a PPP was established for the Shai Hills Reserve. The Nature Conservation Research Centre (Ghana) will contractually manage and develop it in the future.

Burkina Faso / Ghana: Elephant Corridor

In collaboration with the Nature Conservation Research Centre Ghana (NCRC), attempts are made to maintain the elephant migration route between Mole National Park (Ghana) and the Ponasi Complex (Burkina Faso) using a commercial approach, by seeking ways to support the economic growth through community-based tourism activities