The world is facing a climate crisis and nobody is too small to make a difference. With over 7 billion people on this earth, our lifestyle and consumption habits are increasingly important in creating sustainability. During our first Spark Talks, Dr. Michele Menegon posed a question:

“Are we as representatives of our species good enough to solve the problems we’re creating?”

The time to take action for nature and change our own habits, is now! With many small changes, we as a species can create a big difference.  This is why we launched the #ActionForNature climate crisis challenge.

LCA Spark Talks challenges YOU:

  1. Post a photo / clip of you taking action for nature on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter.
  2. Use the hashtag #actionfornature
  3. Tag @LCAsparktalks
  4. Challenge a friend(s) to do the same and keep the challenge going!

Take the LCA Climate Challenge and show us how you’re making changes to your lifestyle to take action for nature – and the future of our planet.