ShareScreen Africa

The LCA Launches exciting new knowledge share platform

The LCA is proud to announce a new project, ShareScreen Africa. Launched in August 2021, ShareScreen Africa (SSA) is an initiative by the LCA and Unlocking Nature.

ShareScreen Africa is an innovative conservation capacity building initiative focused on Africa, created to benefit conservationists, students and ultimately, our planet.

The vehicle we will use to achieve this is through the ShareScreen Africa Platform created specifically for this purpose.  (www.sharescreenafrica.org )

Through the ShareScreen Africa platform, conservation specialists can freely share knowledge to help broaden student’s skill sets and to enhance learning and awareness regarding the protection of nature in Africa.

As conservation-based institution, your students and learners could benefit by inviting these  experts and knowledgeable practitioners into your classroom, by connecting with one of many presenters through the ShareScreen Africa platform.

Through this initiative, organisations such as universities, scientists, researchers and conservation agencies can freely donate time regarding their area of speciality to the benefit students all over Africa.

Counterpart African conservation-based organisations, institutions and interest groups can then apply to be virtually linked to those who have donated their time and expertise, shared – organisation to organisation, specialist to specialist and peer to peer. Not just will there be lecturing and knowledge sharing opportunities, there will also be a variation of online social development courses available through the ShareScreen Africa platform.  

We’re also creating a catalogue in the form of a digital library on the platform. Here you can simply browse through all previous presentations, share that with your trainees and students to further broaden their knowledge and skillsets.

Conservation-based tutors and tutorials are now only a click away! Simply visit sharescreenafrica.org and register to start your digital conservation journey.