Gus Mills, world renowned conservationist and author to host Spark Talks

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Following the success of our first LCA Spark Talks live conservation event which reached more than 14,000 news feeds on Facebook alone, we’re excited to announce our second LCA Spark Talks!

On 15 November 2018 at 11am South African Time, viewers will be treated to a presentation by world renowned carnivore biologist, conservationist and author Dr Gus Mills.

We’ll also be joined on stage by a young conservation enthusiast who will discuss their specific conservation stories to ignite your passion for conservation.

Based on the Ted Talk concept, Spark Talks serves to inspire audiences form across the globe to take action, to show their passion for conservation and to make conservation and the future a priority. It’s a space to share your love for nature and your desire to preserve it.

Mills spent over 40 years conducting research on African large carnivores with SANParks stationed in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and the Kruger National Park.  His initial work was on brown hyenas and spotted hyenas in the Southern Kalahari.

He studied lion and cheetah feeding ecology, ecological relationships between the large carnivores and wild dog population ecology in Kruger National Park. He was a major contributor in drawing up park management plans for both the Kgalagadi Transfrontier and Kruger National Parks.

In 2006 he took up the position of Research Fellow at the Lewis Foundation, South Africa, and returned to the Kalahari to undertake a cheetah study. He was Extraordinary Professor at Pretoria Universty’s Mammal Research Institute and Research Associate, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford, UK. He has supervised a number of PhD and MSc theses at both universities on aspects of lion, cheetah, wild dog, brown hyena, honey badger and African wild cat behaviour and ecology in different areas of Southern Africa. He was the founder of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Carnivore Conservation Group.

He has served on several IUCN Specialist Groups and consulted widely on carnivore conservation in Africa and Asia. He has published over 150 scientific articles and written six books. He is presently a Senior Research Associate at the School of Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Mpumalanga.


All Spark Talks take place in front of a live studio audience and can also be watched live on Facebook on this page.


If you or your company would like to get involved with Spark Talks, get in contact with us on sparktalks@lcafrica.org. 

You can watch the first Spark Talks here:

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